Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning
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Surprising Food Combos Taste Test
Baxış 1,7M11 gün əvvəl
Bad Movie Review Singing Challenge
Baxış 827K12 gün əvvəl
100 Years Of Candy Taste Test
Baxış 1,8M13 gün əvvəl
Will It Oreo? Taste Test
Baxış 2,7M17 gün əvvəl
Jalapeno Snacks Taste Test
Baxış 2,1M21 gün əvvəl
Instant Pot vs. Crockpot Taste Test
Baxış 2,1M25 gün əvvəl
Can We Break It? (CHALLENGE)
Baxış 1,7M25 gün əvvəl
Hilarious Kids' Love Letters (GAME)
Baxış 1,2M26 gün əvvəl
Voice Changer Guess Who Game
Baxış 1,4M28 gün əvvəl
Blind Hot Dog Taste Test
Baxış 2,4MAy əvvəl
We Read Our Own FanFic
Baxış 831KAy əvvəl
We Made Products For Dragons
Baxış 1,1MAy əvvəl
Microwave Popcorn Taste Test
Baxış 2,1MAy əvvəl
100 Years Of Exercise (GAME)
Baxış 1,3M2 ay əvvəl
Prison Food Hacks Taste Test
Baxış 2,3M2 ay əvvəl
Weirdest eBay Items (GAME)
Baxış 1,5M2 ay əvvəl
Will It Protein Bar? Taste Test
Baxış 2,3M2 ay əvvəl
Try Not To Twitch Challenge
Baxış 1,9M2 ay əvvəl
International Soup Taste Test
Baxış 2,7M2 ay əvvəl
Top 5 Favorite Moments
Baxış 731K3 ay əvvəl
Top 5 Most Immature Moments
Baxış 996K3 ay əvvəl
Top 5 Craziest Experiments
Baxış 718K3 ay əvvəl
Top 5 WTF Moments
Baxış 780K3 ay əvvəl
Top 5 Greatest Food Creations
Baxış 1,2M3 ay əvvəl
The End Of LTAT.
Baxış 1,3M3 ay əvvəl
Can We Turn A Car Into A Pizza?
Baxış 910K3 ay əvvəl
100 Years Of Toys (GAME)
Baxış 1,5M3 ay əvvəl
How Hard Can We Suck? (GAME)
Baxış 1,2M3 ay əvvəl
Wedgie Hangman (GAME)
Baxış 1,7M3 ay əvvəl
Orbeez Food Taste Test
Baxış 2,1M4 ay əvvəl
Nasty Pancake Art Challenge
Baxış 1,1M4 ay əvvəl
Will It Ramen? Taste Test
Baxış 3,1M4 ay əvvəl
We Respond To Hate Mail
Baxış 1,1M4 ay əvvəl
We Eat Everything At Bojangles
Baxış 1000K4 ay əvvəl
We Were Bad Kids (Part 2)
Baxış 2,3M4 ay əvvəl


  • Mark Narcho
    Mark Narcho 13 saat əvvəl

    Talk about "Whitebread" 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Michael Antonio
    Michael Antonio 13 saat əvvəl

    Video with famous celebrity gets 2.5 million views. Show with cold Cheetos gets 7 million views

  • Kaiden Collisson
    Kaiden Collisson 13 saat əvvəl

    That ice cream national anthem was a thing of beauty

  • Trend Investor
    Trend Investor 13 saat əvvəl

    Last comment. Yayyyy for me.

  • Anthony Vasquez
    Anthony Vasquez 13 saat əvvəl

    link: NOt A SPONser!!!

  • 2000 sub with no content
    2000 sub with no content 13 saat əvvəl

    Rhets son hase sum problems

  • Happy Thoughts
    Happy Thoughts 13 saat əvvəl

    The ear irrigation thing is actually legit. Doctors use it to clean put people's ears after they've had ear infections. And the amount of gunk that's in there after an ear infection should shock you.

  • John Ross
    John Ross 13 saat əvvəl

    Why do they say 64 when there is only 32

  • Travis Peterson
    Travis Peterson 13 saat əvvəl

    I didn't know you could buy paper plates so small!

  • Amosroy Mcneal
    Amosroy Mcneal 13 saat əvvəl

    imagine at 6:49 link push the unicorn a little. ohhh. thats gonna be .............

  • Wars Of the blade
    Wars Of the blade 13 saat əvvəl

    6:07 Where did you source those from? I only get the free range smurf

  • Angioletta Antuonette
    Angioletta Antuonette 14 saat əvvəl

    i only missed like 2

  • Sabrina Johnson
    Sabrina Johnson 14 saat əvvəl

    Watching during 2020 quarantine

  • Savannah Cotton
    Savannah Cotton 14 saat əvvəl

    Link nonchalantly kissing, burping, and sniffing the hellbabies.

  • Dina Jug
    Dina Jug 14 saat əvvəl

    Link's Beastie Boys was awesome

  • Drew Welter
    Drew Welter 14 saat əvvəl

    *"Man Milk"*

  • toypilfferer
    toypilfferer 14 saat əvvəl

    Duo or Do-no

  • Marraya Griggs
    Marraya Griggs 14 saat əvvəl

    U havent done the "no, we're both great" thing in a while

  • SiriusGD
    SiriusGD 14 saat əvvəl

    They want "Likes"... they have over a 1/2 million likes in the last 4-1/2 months. Not bad.

    CHILLVIBES YT 14 saat əvvəl

    freddie mercury

  • Jenna Wittman
    Jenna Wittman 14 saat əvvəl

    nobody: chase: “yeah but i look good” lmao (6:21)

  • q8ace
    q8ace 14 saat əvvəl

    Im a kid i luv Takis takis are my snkes

  • ricard charbonier
    ricard charbonier 14 saat əvvəl

    How many times has Link self electrocuted? He has a surge of like 20 expression before he utters a sentence. lol def lizard.

  • Beefaroni :3
    Beefaroni :3 14 saat əvvəl

    8:12 he looks Justin Bieber

  • bodoy euir
    bodoy euir 14 saat əvvəl

    I think the “Luchadore who adores ice cream for sure” is my new favorite person.

  • Maugra Luna
    Maugra Luna 14 saat əvvəl

    Rhett's laugh is something else

  • BreadBeans
    BreadBeans 14 saat əvvəl

    Ailurophobia- Fear of cats.

  • Will Bromage
    Will Bromage 14 saat əvvəl

    I really thought bluebell cookies and cream would make it all the way

  • Kristin Stenson
    Kristin Stenson 14 saat əvvəl

    Christine is hilarious!

  • Charlie Hemsley
    Charlie Hemsley 14 saat əvvəl

    Cornwall is pronounced corn-wul

  • Vivek Yadav
    Vivek Yadav 14 saat əvvəl

    Imagine being mirror synesthetic and watching an action movie..

  • Fluffik 3
    Fluffik 3 14 saat əvvəl

    Love the Talenti :D

    • bodoy euir
      bodoy euir 14 saat əvvəl

      My guess is that the Luchador is Ian from Smosh 😮

  • Samira Rose
    Samira Rose 14 saat əvvəl

    You guys forgot to put the chunks of chocolate caramel that’s in the Talenti in the bite. That would’ve changed it for them.

  • RK800
    RK800 14 saat əvvəl

    Idk if this happens to anyone else, but when i hit the tip of my nose a little I sneeze like crazy Tell me if this happens to anyone else.

  • Casey Snell
    Casey Snell 14 saat əvvəl

    Pillarmen awaken at 3:21

  • YoshiFruit
    YoshiFruit 14 saat əvvəl

    Oh god, not the jar

  • TheFlyingMage
    TheFlyingMage 14 saat əvvəl

    The fact that person like Link is allowed to drive is frightening.

  • Timothy Morrison
    Timothy Morrison 14 saat əvvəl

    SpiDer 🕸🕸🕸

  • Joseph Sutton
    Joseph Sutton 14 saat əvvəl

    I think iteration of Rhett's hair is the best!

  • Arnav Inampudi
    Arnav Inampudi 14 saat əvvəl

    This Felix guy should have his own AZplus channel

  • Timothy Morrison
    Timothy Morrison 14 saat əvvəl

    Paper! Will it milk?

  • KidVlogs
    KidVlogs 14 saat əvvəl

    3:05 basketball goal😂

  • VN Gangrene
    VN Gangrene 14 saat əvvəl

    There’s a bear in my bed nope chuck testa

  • Timothy Morrison
    Timothy Morrison 14 saat əvvəl

    Life savers! Will it milk?

  • Meriki Jiya
    Meriki Jiya 14 saat əvvəl

    “He pees bullets on the fire.” What!? 😆

  • Timothy Morrison
    Timothy Morrison 14 saat əvvəl

    Vodka! Will it milk?

  • Mr Original
    Mr Original 14 saat əvvəl

    I’m happy that they put “John Lennon” in there

  • Marija J
    Marija J 14 saat əvvəl

    Just imagine being happy that climate change is reversing and then just seeing your cat die.I COULD NEVER

  • Timothy Morrison
    Timothy Morrison 14 saat əvvəl

    Fruit loops! Will it milk?

  • Timothy Morrison
    Timothy Morrison 15 saat əvvəl

    Matza! Will it milk?

  • Daniel Deininger
    Daniel Deininger 15 saat əvvəl

    Gonna ring that bell today and get some banana pudding!

  • Timothy Morrison
    Timothy Morrison 15 saat əvvəl

    Will it cough syrup?

  • Lee Galila
    Lee Galila 15 saat əvvəl

    March 30,2020 1:13am

  • Timothy Morrison
    Timothy Morrison 15 saat əvvəl

    What about will it bone broth?

  • brenon whittington
    brenon whittington 15 saat əvvəl

    Yall are the kind of people who bring back diseases

  • Maverick Z
    Maverick Z 15 saat əvvəl

    this is disturbing

  • Poddle
    Poddle 15 saat əvvəl

    The fried apple pie does still exist in Germany I think xD

  • Liberty Carter
    Liberty Carter 15 saat əvvəl

    these were the golden ages

  • Chris Chen
    Chris Chen 15 saat əvvəl

    The way link grabs that chocolate bar like it’s normal...

  • alexander Zeus
    alexander Zeus 15 saat əvvəl

    I'm appalled that Mars Bar isn't in there.

  • burning tiger
    burning tiger 15 saat əvvəl


  • Copyright
    Copyright 15 saat əvvəl

    will they outpizza the hut??

  • Lee Galila
    Lee Galila 15 saat əvvəl

    March 30,2020 1:04am

  • Withdime117
    Withdime117 15 saat əvvəl

    1:42 thank me later

  • Mimmz1989
    Mimmz1989 15 saat əvvəl

    Tilla(MUHK) not MOOK you mooks

  • MikeyC Likesit
    MikeyC Likesit 15 saat əvvəl

    I love netflix and chilled it's the best

  • Jared's gaming
    Jared's gaming 15 saat əvvəl

    General kenobi 1:47

  • Riley Shaw
    Riley Shaw 15 saat əvvəl

    I'm going to be tasting Janet 3 hours from now -Rhett 2019

  • Kelsey Brovina
    Kelsey Brovina 15 saat əvvəl

    Everytime Rhett says "take it to the scoop" it makes me thinks of 'Young Frankenstein' when they sing 'Puttin on the Ritz'. Makes me happy

  • Jeremy Pietruszewski
    Jeremy Pietruszewski 15 saat əvvəl

    The only true pizza is New York style pizza. Everything else is inferior

  • Lyle101yaoimaster
    Lyle101yaoimaster 15 saat əvvəl

    Link is so shady William is obviously wearing a toupee

  • kate denison
    kate denison 15 saat əvvəl

    as someone from iowa, you’re correct about your assumption of us not going interesting things 😂

  • Butterfly McQueen
    Butterfly McQueen 15 saat əvvəl

    Ooooh, we're gettin' boiled! And fried!

  • Malicey k
    Malicey k 15 saat əvvəl

    Made me happy they really dug in and enjoyed the food this time 😊

  • zach ramsey
    zach ramsey 15 saat əvvəl

    Anyone watching during quarantine?

  • 青Battousaii
    青Battousaii 15 saat əvvəl

    No one: Link: “Skirt skirt”

  • gappyfrog
    gappyfrog 15 saat əvvəl

    where can i get rhetts cool cow shirt??

  • Young BZ
    Young BZ 15 saat əvvəl

    There was a kid snorting.

  • Ethan Gardner
    Ethan Gardner 15 saat əvvəl

    Monte Cristo!

  • That’s What I said
    That’s What I said 15 saat əvvəl

    This made me anxious

  • V P
    V P 15 saat əvvəl

    Try to do things 6 feet away from each other.

  • Lee Hitashi
    Lee Hitashi 15 saat əvvəl

    Rhett: Some kind of... *fUzzy NUT* ! Link: *Visibly trying to contain himself*

  • Robert Rose
    Robert Rose 15 saat əvvəl

    The host girl is not a good host. She doesn't have the personality for it or the energy

  • Ranger W
    Ranger W 15 saat əvvəl

    Spice Sweet Chili is the best Doritos flavor.

  • Butterfly McQueen
    Butterfly McQueen 15 saat əvvəl

    "Not the subdural one, but the one outside." This just might be my favorite song lyric ever.

  • Meriki Jiya
    Meriki Jiya 15 saat əvvəl

    Flaccid fruit 😆

  • Ellie Garrett
    Ellie Garrett 15 saat əvvəl


  • Señor Tequila Purr
    Señor Tequila Purr 15 saat əvvəl

    I don't know if I want Rhett and Link to have pets, if they're unsure of what they can eat or not. And typical Americans, judging people who eat liver paté.

  • Cali Mango
    Cali Mango 15 saat əvvəl

    Ok but can we get our lord and saviour ReviewBrah to come and *really* review these combos? Also, Link's hair looked exceedingly fabulous this episode. ❤

  • Butterfly McQueen
    Butterfly McQueen 15 saat əvvəl


  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern 15 saat əvvəl

    amid covid-19 quarantine... ended up here coincidentally...

  • Carina Daqqa
    Carina Daqqa 15 saat əvvəl

    Nah. Hagen Dazz is the best

  • Notandroid 18
    Notandroid 18 16 saat əvvəl

    I grew up on Chocolate gravy and biscuits😂

  • Mariam Hossam
    Mariam Hossam 16 saat əvvəl

    The fact that I am 17 and I can pronounce some of the “scientific words” in the facts, I’ve never felt so smart 😂

  • Skitlus
    Skitlus 16 saat əvvəl

    The "UGHH PAINUS" at 12:21 is still funny four years later. Nice.