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Shawn Johnsons Hometown Date
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Meeting Shawn's Parents
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  • Chynna
    Chynna 2 gün əvvəl

    This house is exquisite , but seriously 4 floor.. No!! I prefer a huge RANCH... You guys can have someone build your own house.. Or you both can do it yourself.. I've seen so many videos of people buying property and building their own, the way they like it. Whatever how many rooms, flooring etc.. You both make such a cute couple..

  • anne gamble
    anne gamble 3 gün əvvəl

    No basements in New Zealand! I find them intriguing 😂

  • Kim Sarrazin
    Kim Sarrazin 5 gün əvvəl


  • Lesia Rowekamp
    Lesia Rowekamp 7 gün əvvəl

    I love this couple! I’ve watched Shawn for years and think Andrew is amazing! Wish y’all could’ve stayed in KC and played for our Chiefs! You’ve got your baby girl now. Congratulations. So happy you captured this before!

  • Amber DeVasier
    Amber DeVasier 10 gün əvvəl

    This is literally the only place I could find to comment...I love you guys and I am so excited to hear all about baby East! Please tell us he/she is here!

  • Melissa Crater
    Melissa Crater 15 gün əvvəl

    I totally agree with the idea of husband and wife having a very strong foundation when you have kids. Because even though you want to be the best parent to your child, your spouse comes first. It's a modern day way of thinking that mom's or dad's think their child comes before their spouse. That is not a good way of thinking.

  • Veronica Loeppky
    Veronica Loeppky 25 gün əvvəl

    You guys are going to have beautiful children.

  • Msbedofroses85
    Msbedofroses85 26 gün əvvəl

    I am SOOOOOO GLAD I came across these videos!! We are hoping to buy our first hike next year. We have an 8 months old baby boy and it’s time for us to leave our teenie apartment but I’m sooo apprehensive about house hunting because I know NOTHING about houses... like zero, zip, nada. I’ve lived in rentals my whole life. Same as my husband. This has so much information in it, I feel like I won’t be overwhelmed when the time comes. From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys. And can’t wait to see your little bundle of joy

  • Kallee Waugaman
    Kallee Waugaman 27 gün əvvəl

    The area that I live in now, a lot of homes don't have basements, but I grew up with basements, so that was a must when I bought my house. I have a half finished, half unfinished basement in my house.

  • Sealy Mariachi
    Sealy Mariachi Ay əvvəl

    Is anyone here right before baby east is coming and realizing that they knew they were pregnant during this video? 😁😁 Btw I love you guys so much. I want a husband that will look at me the way Andrew looks at Shawn. ♥️♥️

  • Haley Abb
    Haley Abb Ay əvvəl

    Haley! Watching you guys is so amazing! I love your story and how you truly love each is so cool to watch your videos!

  • Beth K.
    Beth K. Ay əvvəl

    Just subscribed! My name is Beth !

  • Sabrina Lee
    Sabrina Lee Ay əvvəl

    I live in Puerto Rico and here we don’t have basements, nor do we have attics.

  • Elaina Kosmidis
    Elaina Kosmidis 2 ay əvvəl

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  • Tera Frydrych
    Tera Frydrych 2 ay əvvəl

    Gah! I can comment! I have been binge watching your journey over the past week and I am so happy for your family to be!

  • zitolover
    zitolover 2 ay əvvəl


  • yandleful
    yandleful 2 ay əvvəl

    Hey Shawn - I really like your East fam vids, but I noticed a few times that you describes yourself, or Andrew as having or being OCD. I know this term is commonly used when people want to describe behaviour that's strict, picky or pedantic - but as someone who has actually suffered with this illness, I can tell you that that's not what Obsessive Compulsive Disorder actually is. Lots of people have strong preferences for things and it bugs them if things aren't perfect - but with OCD it's not that you want things a certain way it's that you have a really horrible thought and you feel like the only way to neutralize that is to do some sort of ritual - which often ends up being tidying, or cleaning or sorting etc. which has led to this stereotype of being 'a bit OCD'. But with OCD - which has been ranked by the WHO as one of the top 10 most debilitating diseases for quality of life - these thoughts (obsessions) and the routines you do to try and push them away (compulsions) cause crippling anxiety, inability to get even small tasks done, social alienation as the world feels unmangeable, just to name a few. And the tasks you do like tidying or cleaning aren't things you LOVE to do, they're just rituals you feel you HAVE to do. So I hope you can see that this illness is very different to just being picky, or detail-orientated and *wanting* things a certain way. When you describe those traits as OCD, unfortunately it just minimizes the actual suffering people who really have OCD go through and makes the condition out to be a joke - which really effects everything from how seriously research organisations and funding for treatments are taken, to the morale, embarrassment and secrecy of the people suffering. So hopefully I've shown you why it would be awesome if you didn't describe yourself or Andrew as having or being OCD, unless of course you have been diagnosed with this illness. General rule of thumb - if you LIKE things a certain way, rather than FEAR THE OUTCOME of them not being perfect, and if you don't obsess about needing something in a certain way to the point where you can't carry out normal activities - then it's not OCD, just a strong personal preference. Really hope you see my point of view and take this criticism in the constructive and hopefully actually just useful way it as intended. Now I'm going back to the important task of binging all your videos!

  • Elizabeth Durbin
    Elizabeth Durbin 2 ay əvvəl

    YES, love being a part of your family

  • Sam Logue
    Sam Logue 3 ay əvvəl

    Yep definitely, on the getting physically ready for a baby xx

  • Dri Nelson
    Dri Nelson 3 ay əvvəl

    Basements are hard to find here in N.C. because of hurricanes and flooding

  • Karen Manning
    Karen Manning 3 ay əvvəl

    Yes, I hope all goes well. Been watching all your videos.

  • Michele Morton
    Michele Morton 3 ay əvvəl

    I love u guys why no comments on alot of videos

  • Christina Spasaro
    Christina Spasaro 3 ay əvvəl

    Why u guys blocking comments. U need to be a real u tuber family and except all kinds of comments. I dont know u, but u can be as big as the Ace Family if u be real. Dont hide, be strong.

    • brittany perkins
      brittany perkins 3 ay əvvəl

      Christina Spasaro they aren’t blocking comments. It’s AZplus and they’ve tried getting the comments back on but AZplus isn’t allowing it. I think it’s something with a new rule they have with family oriented channels.

  • Shannon Kimble
    Shannon Kimble 4 ay əvvəl

    New subscriber here watching old videos! Love you guys! Lol

  • Judy Carleton
    Judy Carleton 4 ay əvvəl

    Masters in the front, you will always hear car’s , trucks coming and going . Office space , why don’t you guys stay in one , but each has the own corner for a desk. I would give it a 7 not good for older people and kids later on .

  • Chyenne Kinseher
    Chyenne Kinseher 4 ay əvvəl

    I am new here my name is Cheyenne or Chyenne

  • lily Howarth
    lily Howarth 4 ay əvvəl

    Baby girl: Lily. ( spelled correctly ) Baby boy: Jason

  • Patrick Keefe
    Patrick Keefe 4 ay əvvəl

    I may have missed it, but could you make a video from your parent's perspective and what they endured raising an Olympic athlete? Please stay grounded and down to earth! The minute it Becomes like reality tv I will quit watching.

  • Ashley Kendig
    Ashley Kendig 5 ay əvvəl

    YES I would love to watch and be apart of the journey, yours is one of my favorite channels to watch. However, I am still in college and am not sure if I would be able to pay to watch. :-)

  • Ashley Kendig
    Ashley Kendig 5 ay əvvəl

    Yes I love basements and have had them my whole(22 yrs lol) life, definitely on my dream home list :-)

  • Christina Moore
    Christina Moore 5 ay əvvəl

    Ahhhh finally after watching so many videos, the comments are enabled. I’ve been LOVING your whole series and channel. I need to go back and like each one but I’ve been watching them during cardio! Thank you for sharing! Also PLEASE get on the Behind The Scenes Podcast with Jeremy and Audrey roloff. They’re amazing and I think you’d love doing a collaboration with them!!!

  • Sheila Gibson
    Sheila Gibson 5 ay əvvəl

    I am loving your videos. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • Stephany Nieto
    Stephany Nieto 5 ay əvvəl

    Basements are so cool but here in México is not usual. We hace only two floors for family houses.

  • Samantha Angell
    Samantha Angell 5 ay əvvəl

    I love you guys and are so happy for you!

  • Samantha Angell
    Samantha Angell 5 ay əvvəl

    Basements are definitely a strange thing where i'm from! Dig too deep in Florida and you'll find water lol

  • Marina Mason
    Marina Mason 5 ay əvvəl

    All the best I have watch all the others this is the first time I can leave a message I'm Marina I'm 61 love watching them xx

  • Jasmine Miranda
    Jasmine Miranda 5 ay əvvəl

    My name is Jasmine Miranda. I just started watching your channel and I messaged Shawn on her Instagram to tell her that I went through a miscarriage. I'm so happy you guys are pregnant now and I can't wait to follow your journey.

  • Laurel Smith
    Laurel Smith 5 ay əvvəl

    We can’t have basements in my city because we’re too close to sea level and the water table is too high to dig one

  • Tina Penny
    Tina Penny 5 ay əvvəl

    I am soooooo sorry for your loss. I know how you felt, I was right there with you. I went through a miscarriage at 26 1/2 weeks. I promise you it gets better in time. You’ll never forget your first miscarriage, but I know that with the help of family & friends and a lot of praying you will feel better. 2yrs after my miscarriage, I got pregnant and now have a healthy 20yr old son. You will be fine, and you’ll have that beautiful bundle of joy soon. Sending you and Andrew all the best with your new bundle of joy coming soon. Can’t wait to see him or her. Praying for a healthy pregnancy for you and a fast delivery.

  • Kaye Bray
    Kaye Bray 6 ay əvvəl

    Here in Australia homes do not have basements. K

  • Logan Tessier
    Logan Tessier 6 ay əvvəl

    So I also live in tornado alley (Oklahoma). But where I am we can't do basements and it's even extremely hard to have in ground pools because there's so much limestone here. Like there's a rock quarry like 3 miles away from me. You'd have to blast all of the stone out of the ground with some dynamite.

  • Elizabeth Head
    Elizabeth Head 6 ay əvvəl

    haha you knew when you posted this video

  • Alyssa Briones
    Alyssa Briones 6 ay əvvəl

    First timer. SUBSCRIBE! 💕👨‍👩‍👧 My name is Alyssa.

  • Candy Apples
    Candy Apples 6 ay əvvəl

    Hi, sorry to comment on an older video but I saw the title on the latest video- what does this mean? I'm Deaf and theres no captions for it!! been waiting for weeks for captions for your videos :(

  • Darian Taylor
    Darian Taylor 6 ay əvvəl


  • 8D Nikoline Bording Soendersoeskolen

    Cangratiolations with you pregnancy

  • Natalie Krause
    Natalie Krause 6 ay əvvəl

    Yes please do a line of coffee,honey and wine I will buy it all!!!

  • Ali Helmick
    Ali Helmick 6 ay əvvəl

    I just want to start off with saying im so sorry about your miscarriage! I have recently gone through this same thing, so my question is, how did you cope with it? Definitely crying well watching this. Would love to get to talk with you!

  • annika kahnert
    annika kahnert 6 ay əvvəl


  • Christine S
    Christine S 6 ay əvvəl

    Grew up in Virginia Beach area. There aren’t any basements because it’s at the water table so a basement isn’t possible. I’m looking for a house in the DC area currently and a basement is a must. It’s additional space, that I absolutely love. I disagree with your realtor regarding unfinished spaces. Buying a house with an unfinished basement is great if you have the money to finish it, but if you don’t it’s something you want to stay away from because you’ll have space you can’t use until you finish it. I make this statement with the caveat that the house prices for a finished/unfinished basement are similar.

  • Christine S
    Christine S 6 ay əvvəl

    Grew up in Virginia Beach area. There aren’t any basements because it’s at the water table so a basement isn’t possible. I’m looking for a house in the DC area currently and a basement is a must. It’s additional space, that I absolutely love. I disagree with your realtor regarding unfinished spaces. Buying a house with an unfinished basement is great if you have the money to finish it, but if you don’t it’s something you want to stay away from because you’ll have space you can’t use until you finish it. I make this statement with the caveat that the house prices for a finished/unfinished basement are similar.

  • Nicole Bennett
    Nicole Bennett 6 ay əvvəl

    Wine!!!! And Honey too.

  • Jillian McDermott
    Jillian McDermott 6 ay əvvəl

    Also, Shawn do you wear makeup how is your skin so perfect

  • Jillian McDermott
    Jillian McDermott 6 ay əvvəl

    No comments allowed for your baby announcements but you two are so beautiful and congratulations

  • jordan summers
    jordan summers 6 ay əvvəl

    interested yes

  • Queen Kitty105
    Queen Kitty105 6 ay əvvəl

    I live in a place where it easily floods, and the earth underneath the houses isn’t very strong, so no one has basements due to flooding

  • Tacy Myers
    Tacy Myers 6 ay əvvəl

    First and foremost..Congrats on being prego!! Very exciting! I've been binge watching your video's lately. Just cute and very fun to watch. However something specific caught my attention in your baby announcing video. And kinda random but you 2 mentioned going to Hawaii to visit the Bucket List family and I'm pretty stoked to see the videos from both of your channels. Also random I went to Jr High and High School with Garrett. I was a grade above him. He wouldn't know who I was, but I knew who he was....I wasn't in the popular crowd lol. But again I'm just excited to see the adventures of 2 AZplusrs I follow have adventures together! Much Love from Utah!

  • carol marcos
    carol marcos 6 ay əvvəl

    Carol Marcos love you guys

  • lulu2lalas
    lulu2lalas 6 ay əvvəl

    I live in a place where basements are NOT common whatsoever, I live in El Paso and geologically you can find all types of rocks here, it is so hard to dig holes...we tried digging to plant some shrubs and we encountered huge rocks, so I can see how basements are not a thing here. Attics are not common either, new houses are getting attics though, but no as a living space, more of a utility space at least that's what ours is for.

  • Oceana Frederick
    Oceana Frederick 6 ay əvvəl

    Does anyone know why they’ve turned the comments off on the more recent videos ????

  • Jessica Hickox
    Jessica Hickox 7 ay əvvəl

    Since I cant comment on the actual video, I just wanted to come here to tell you guys that your pregnancy + hope video you posted last week hit so close to home for me it's crazy. My husband and I also had a miscarriage with our first pregnancy and we only knew for about a 10 days before I started to have symptoms of a miscarriage. I was almost 6 weeks pregnant when the bleeding started and it took almost 2 torturous weeks for my body to go through everything and for about the first week the drs were on the fence about if it was going to be a miscarriage or not which made the hope and doubt cycle unbearable. In the video you mention that the first miscarriage kind of stole some joy from finding out you were pregnant the second time and I have never heard anything so relatable to our experience because I know we felt the same way. Going through everything the first time made it so hard to be completely happy in the moment the second time because we knew there was a chance we could have to go through that pain all over again and we didnt want to get our hopes up. Thank you so much for sharing our story and for bringing awareness to the pain and unfortunate common occurance of miscarriage. But on a happy note I'm 30 week pregnant now and everything has been going wonderfully and I've finally been able to relax and be happy and excited that we are going to make it through this and have a happy healthy little girl soon. I hope you see this!!

  • Cathy S. Melton
    Cathy S. Melton 7 ay əvvəl

    Totally love y'all and your Christian marriage. I pray for family will grow as the Lord allows. Thanks for your love and life.

  • Rona hadley
    Rona hadley 7 ay əvvəl

    Yes I want to get your other page.

  • cotyalvarado77
    cotyalvarado77 7 ay əvvəl

    🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ Andrew “tell them what we did last night...” Shawn’s, My and everyone’s look 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he’s too funny!!

  • Alicen Rose
    Alicen Rose 7 ay əvvəl


  • missrobynerin
    missrobynerin 7 ay əvvəl


  • Tahnee Measday
    Tahnee Measday 7 ay əvvəl

    That video from December was so adorable WOW

  • Coco Blase
    Coco Blase 7 ay əvvəl

    Julianna East Brooklyn East Madison East Camden East Caiden East Preston East

  • Andri Ramirez
    Andri Ramirez 7 ay əvvəl

    i love how you have a fresh natural beauty and not afraid to get in front of the camera looking like your true self, Congrats on your familyy😊 I grew up watching you in the Olympics , you were always my favv together with miss Nastia Lukin

  • Sharon In California
    Sharon In California 7 ay əvvəl

    Please dont go to paid channel. Everything is so hard right now for alot of people.

  • aj muehleman
    aj muehleman 7 ay əvvəl

    You two are so cute together, you make me laugh and cry!

  • Sara Mitchusson
    Sara Mitchusson 7 ay əvvəl

    I grew up in South Texas which is extremely prone to flooding. I never knew anyone that had a basement.

  • Making of me
    Making of me 7 ay əvvəl

    Please don’t make a patreon channel!!! I really like watching your journey. I hate that they are disabling your content.

  • Lauren Burns
    Lauren Burns 7 ay əvvəl

    Would love to know what you did physical to prepare for carrying a baby! Love these videos! So honest and much needed!

  • Courtney Knepper
    Courtney Knepper 7 ay əvvəl

    Such an inspiration as I had a miscarriage also. Beautiful❤

  • Kayla Regetz
    Kayla Regetz 7 ay əvvəl

    Please don't move to a paid platform

  • Hannah Hallum
    Hannah Hallum 7 ay əvvəl

    I do see y’all in this house but not in the long run. It doesn’t accommodate the thinks that the two of you are specifically looking for. The basement is not ideal in the fact that it is not finished so by the time that you buy and move into it fully, the baby will be there possibly while it is being finished. The kids’ room is the size of a closet with a weird opening to the attic that could potentially be unsafe for them. Along with the bunk beds, the top one has seemingly very little room and no guard or latter for that matter. And mostly it wasn’t private at all. You could see straight into the neighbors house and you shared a small yard with the neighbors as well. Those are just a few things I noticed. Feel free to disregard my comments, because they are mostly opinionated. I pray that you two find the perfect house for y’all.

  • Steve James
    Steve James 7 ay əvvəl

    So they already knew she was pregnant when this video was filmed?

  • Solo Pine
    Solo Pine 7 ay əvvəl

    Why are all the comments disabled? Anyone else or just me?

  • A Turtle Named Marlend

    Bro I'm just tryna leave a comment , fouck ehh

  • Todd Goldrick
    Todd Goldrick 7 ay əvvəl

    He Shawn I am living in West Des Moines and I heard you lived in wes Des Moines I love your videos

  • Melissa Hargiss
    Melissa Hargiss 7 ay əvvəl

    You were pregnant when you filmed this you dirty dogs!!!!! Congrats!!!!

  • Leonard Wong
    Leonard Wong 7 ay əvvəl

    Good Luck!! Saw your video on the pregnancy test.......Now...... Focus on diet and your health. Try avoiding strenuous exercises. Gentle walks to keep the blood flowing n pumping will do. Might wanna avoid the gymnastic....stuff. All the best!!!!

  • Kaitlyne McNutt
    Kaitlyne McNutt 7 ay əvvəl

    Coffee and honey!!! 😍😍😍

  • Patti Coppedge
    Patti Coppedge 7 ay əvvəl

    Miscarriages are very hard. It's one of the hardest things you will go through. I have had 3. 1 before my first daughter which were twins. 1 before my second daughter. And 1 while pregnant with my 2nd daughter. She was a twin. I'm praying you get everything you want and need. ❤

  • Mackenzie Brown
    Mackenzie Brown 7 ay əvvəl

    Yes make a video on how you prepared your body for a baby!!!

  • andrealogue99
    andrealogue99 7 ay əvvəl


  • Evelyn da gymnast!!!
    Evelyn da gymnast!!! 7 ay əvvəl

    i have an elevator. it makes weird sounds and i think its haunted

  • Breflections
    Breflections 7 ay əvvəl

    “Tell em what we did last night.” I laughed SO hard!😂😂😂😂