9 Funny and Spooky Halloween Pranks! DIY Prank Wars

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  • Trick or treat? It seems someone was being greedy, so better get your Halloween tricks ready - let the prank wars begin! Learn to make some slimy looking drinks with new eggs or make a green pudding with frogs included! Scare your friends by making yourself look like you’re cut in half or let the snack bowl get possessed by evil ghosts! Discover even more Halloween prank hacks, food recipes, costume ideas!
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    00:18 Cut in Half Costume
    02:05 Possessed Bowl
    02:56 Emily in a Popcorn Box
    03:47 Magician’s Box
    04:53 Brains in a Jar
    05:45 Eggs of Newt
    07:12 Yummy Pirate’s Eye
    08:48 Frog Eggs Pudding
    09:59 Alien in a Watermelon
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